Joie Lueck

“I am truly happy I tagged along with (fellow HIT Fitters) Marlene and Lisa,” says Joie. “It was the best decision I have made for myself.” Joie Lueck is the married mother of 4, and has lost 30 pounds since joining the HLF-FD fitness program. She even ran her first 5K since joining her fitness tribe, the High Rollin Lab Rats, about whom she says, “Thank you Lab Rat family for being so encouraging. You are truly amazing.” Joie would like to tell all, “It’s a free and amazing fitness program with kick-butt instructors and you get to train with people who care about you. If you struggle with health and weight issues, please join us.” Joie’s last thoughts should be an inspiration to the whole BAMily. “I can’t wait to see what this year’s fitness at Heritage has in store for me.” Neither can we Joie. BAM!