Johnie Mae Brown

Retro Fitter October“Johnie, Johnie, Johnie,” I say when she arrives at Retro-Fit, because she’s always full of surprises. Johnie has attended Retro-Fit for almost 2 years, and she makes the workouts very fun. “I love the Lord. I am an identical twin and have a Pit Bull named Knox, who keeps me company.” Retro-Fit helps to keep Johnie busy now that she is retired. What are the positive parts of the program? “I enjoy the social aspect, everyone is friendly, and it’s a key part in helping me live a healthy lifestyle. The program stimulates your mind and body to stay healthy, and the communication amongst the group keeps me encouraged.” Johnie adds this final thought about Retro-Fit. “I like to tell others about the program and I encourage them to join us. I tell them the last exercise class I attended was like Kindergarten. In George’s class, we’ve graduated to a new grade.” Bam Johnie! You’re an “A” student to us.