Jerene Creason

Jerene Creason is a retired Asst. Superintendent for the Victor Elementary School District and has been attending HLF-Fitness with her husband Lanny for almost 2 years. Jerene loves spending time with her 2 children and 3 grandchildren while teaching Sabbath School at her S.D.A. church. She says about Retro-Fit, “We enjoy it so much, we keep Tuesdays and Thursdays open for it. It’s fun and allows us to work at our own pace.” Jerene tells us, “As we get older, good health becomes more important and harder to maintain. Working out at Retro-Fit is a great step in keeping our body and mind useful, and I have greatly increased my strength. Thank you to Heritage, the doctors, and the fitness staff.” Thank you, Jerene, for being such a great ambassador for HLF-Fitness. BAM!