Janet Lovato

Janet has been attending Retro-Fit for the past 6 months and is fully involved in the HLF Fitness program. She not only works with Retro-Fit, but she also attends Fitness 101 classes and is an active member of the Retro-Fit competition team named “Team Scruffy Bunch.” She has lived in Victorville since 1978 and retired from Verizon. Janet has 6 kids, 13 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Whew! She says, “We RV and watch our grandkids play in their sports programs.” When asked about the great parts of the fitness program, Janet proudly says, “It’s all about the BAMily. No matter what class you go to or which event you are at, the BAMily cares. There’s total support from the coaches and volunteers and they provide you with the inspiration to push through.” We’re glad you pushed through to get here Janet. BAM!