Jaime Acosta

Let us introduce Jaime Acosta, a valued part the HLF Fitness BAMily. He’s been with us for going on two years with his wife Kirsten and 3 kids. Growing up in El Monte, CA, Jaime was active in sports his whole life, which has now translated into fitness. Jaime says about the Cross X program, “It pushes me to levels I didn’t know I had or that I could ever get to on my own. I want to chart a new path. My parents suffer from diabetes and heart disease. I am determined to break that cycle.” Jaime would like to tell others this about Cross X. “Cross X builds bonds between people. It’s friendly, motivating, and supporting. You get great results because of coaches like Miguel and the others. It gave me the confidence to do events like mud runs and 5K’s, getting me out of my comfort zone.” Keep breaking that cycle and beating those comfort zones Jaime, and we’ll be there with you. Bam!