Gloria Mayfield

Retro Fitter Aug“Glorious” Gloria Mayfield is an absolute rock at retro-fit. Though she tries to sneak in late at times, her presence is one of the best parts of the program. Gloria is a member of team retro-fit, the leadership part of the program. “Being physically fit enhances my freedom of movement and allows me to do more challenging tasks, like yard work and lifting,” Gloria says. Gloria is one of 10 children and loves her nieces and nephews. She has been known to travel, and has climbed a waterfall in Jamaica and ridden an elephant in South Africa. She enjoys ushering at her church and feeding the homeless, which explains why she is so helpful with other retro-fitters. The best part about retro-fit says Gloria? ” I’ve met a lot of nice people and made friends, it feels like a family.” We are honored, Gloria, that you are part of our BAMily.