Gladys Gomez

Fitness Story AugustAfter many years of depression, I struggled with my weight. I was very unhappy, but didn’t do much to lose the weight. As a new teacher in 2013, I packed an additional 25 pounds from not eating properly and staying at work late hours. It was during this time that I began searching for ways to lose weight. One day, while reading my school email, I came across HVVMG’s 40 Session Summer Challenge. I knew God had answered my prayers and decided not to throw that opportunity away. I invited my sister to come along with me, and now have other family members who are part of the BAMily I look forward to all my workouts each day; whether it’s HIT Fit or Cross X, because I never thought I would be doing either of the two. I no longer stay at work past 6. I eat healthier and feel happier. Also, I have lost both pounds and inches, have become stronger, and my coworkers have begun to notice my weight loss. I will forever be grateful to Heritage for providing me a place to work out for free for the friends I have made, for having great people who believe in me and take the time to help me get in the best shape possible!