Gary & Mary Garland

January 2015 Retro Fitters of the Month

Gary and Mary have been with us for over a year now, and have experienced
great results in their fitness lives while having a hugely positive impact on
the rest of the Retro-Fitters. Both are members of Team Retro-Fit, which
is a leadership team for senior fitness. The Garlands have been married for
28 years after meeting at work and have 2 kids, 4 granddaughters, and 2
grandchildren. Mary says, “Gary is way older.” The best thing about working
out so hard at Retro-Fit, both say, they can keep up with their
grandchildren now. Gary says that his back has gotten and continues to get
better while Mary said she thought walking was enough, but found out
differently after coming to work out here. The one word each would say
about Retro-Fit? Mary says “fun,” while Gary says it‛s the “camaraderie.”
Both would say to everyone, “You‛re never too old to do this.” Keep up the
great work Gary and Mary. Great to have you. BAM!