Dominic Geiger

Hit Fit Kid Oct.Dominic “The Dominator” Geiger is a seventeen-year-old student at Oak Hills HS in Hesperia. Dominic began coming to HIT Fit with his mom Nicole and immediately became “one of the guys.” Dominic also served as a captain for the In It To THIN It program at HVVMG in the summer of 2015, where he did a great job motivating fellow teens to become fit. Since joining HLF fitness program, Dominic has experienced a fitness transformation, going from 267 pounds to 207. BAM! He says about the HLF fitness program, “You’ll like how you look and feel after time.” We hope this lasts throughout his lifetime. What does Dominic want say to us about fitness? “Fitness is hard, but so is being unhealthy. Choose your hard.” You have, and you’re winning. Bam, Brother Dominic.