Debbie Taylor

Fitness Story NovemberOn Fathers Day in 1995, I was in a motorcycle accident and spent over a week in the hospital. I was unable to use my right leg for 6 months while my bone graft was taking hold. I began working out and was doing great for 3 years, but went back to work and fitness took a backseat. About 5 years ago, I began working out again, but ended up having to take car of my injured mother and sick brother. About 14 months ago, I started working out at the 5:30pm  HIT Fit class. BAM! I am stronger and can run further than I  oculd when I was a kid. I tell everyone I know they should do this, and I love everyone. I have met here. Thank you so much for what you are doing Heritage.” Debbie’s continued transformation is an inspiration to all who know her. BAM right back at ya, Deb!