Carrie Fitzsimmons

Carrie Fitzsimmons has been with the HLF-FD HIT Fit program for over a year. Carrie has been married for more than 20 years, and has a teen-aged daughter Katherine. She moved to California in 1997 and has been a teacher for 21 years and began attending with encouragement from HIT Fitter Laurie Webb, and has become a very strong part of the BAMily ever since. Carrie says about the fitness program, “I am a stronger me. I’ve made friends who make me work hard, namely Doreen, Beth, Laurie, and Jeri Kay. I’ve been inspired to use what I have learned with my students to keep them healthy. No matter what, you can do this.” Carrie’s final thoughts? “I love HIT Fit.” Bam Carrie! The BAMily is better because of you.