Carrie Fitzsimmons

Carrie is a new member of G-Force who leads the 5-5-2 Club and helps Beth Dillon with the HIT Fit Angels program. The 5-5-2 Club is a nutrition program helping the HLF-FD make fitness driven food choices, and it’s having an amazing impact. The testimonies from those involved prove that. Carrie grew up near Chicago and moved to Cali in 1997. She is married and has a daughter, Catherine. Carrie (aka Gravy) became involved with HIT Fit through the encouragement of Laurie Webb, another G-Force member. Upon losing 30 pounds on her own, Carrie joined us and is now leading the way, by example, to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. She says, “Today, I am stronger and I have a support system with the BAMily. Knowing that nutrition is such a hard part of fitness, I have incorporated the 5-5-2 plan as my own nutrition lifestyle, and hope to help others in the BAMily do the same.” Carrie, you are doing an incredible job. Welcome to G-Force. BAM!