Butch Gamache

Butch Gamache is truly the world’s most interesting man. A married father of two, Butch has been to every continent and has flown around the world three times as an Air Force reservist. As our HIT Fit Facebook has shown, Butch posts pics from San Diego one day and Las Vegas the next. Butch has been attending the HLF-FD for almost two years, and has become a favorite of the BAMily. When asked about the program, he offers, “I love that Heritage is committed to me, my family, and the community by providing free fitness, as well as sponsoring events, like mud runs, 5K’s, and the Heritage Games. It’s made me realize how healthy I want to be at my age, and the other HIT Fitters make me want to test myself physically. It’s a life changing program and all you have to do is commit to you.” Bam Butch! Thanks for your commitment and for supporting our program.