Brianna Vasquez

Background: Bri has been with Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group for several years now. She is a regular member at HLF Fitness, and recently had her first child, daughter Braylee. She has competed in our Operation Hostile Takeover event program in addition to many other programs and activities.
Heritage Experience: Bri has had to visit HVVMG FIT-sicians and the HVVMG Urgent Care for fitness related issues, and has nothing but great things to report. Bri loves the care she gets from her Primary Care Physician, Dr. Roger Moushabek, especially his understanding and encouragement as it relates to fitness. Her recent trip to Urgent Care caused her to be “more than satisfied,” which elicits the theory of HVVMG to provide “more than you expect” to its patients. Bri says that she appreciates so much about Heritage, especially the speed of care and depth of care she receives, just like so many others.