Beth Gonzalez

Beth has been with the HLF-FD for more than 6 months and has had amazing results. Beth has a son and lives in Victorville, yet is a native of Michigan. Beth was always active in sports until her second knee injury, where she decided to being a P90X program. Beth says, “I felt I needed to take my fitness to the next level, and HIT Fit and Cross X fulfilled that need.” Beth goes on to say, “My dear friend Kirsten Acosta introduced me to the HLF-FD program. I am seeing the results to my work and, hopefully, others are too. George and Miguel make me push myself, and I life it. Everyone is so encouraging, especially the 6:30 Sawg Hill Gang. BAM! I’ve never enjoyed fitness more.” Thank you Beth, we certainly enjoy your presence here too. Bam!

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