Beth Dillon

Hit-Fitter OctoberBeth is 51 years old, is married, has 6 children and, gulp, 8 grandchildren. Beth says, “I have always been into fitness; running, teaching aerobics, PE teacher for home-schoolers, and an avid Cross Fitter. But, the storms of life made it tough in the last few years, as I was raising grandchildren, fighting breast cancer, losing my parents to lung cancer, and dealing with a back injury.” Beth heard about the HLF-FD through HIT Fitter Doreen Gladney, and has become a regular ever since. Beth continues, “Since I have committed to the HLF-FD program, I have lost 15 pounds and about 10% body fat.” Being an ex-Cross Fitter, Beth has taken to the Cross X class with Miguel and thanks Heritage for the other programs it has to offer. Beth closes with this. “Thank you Heritage for offering a free program to help those who are in need and bringing us all together. Proud to be a Lab Rat.” The HR Lab Rats are proud to have you, Beth. Bam!