Beth Dillon

Beth is a new member of G-Force and has had quite an impact since accepting the assignment. She tells us, “On January 18, 2016, we created the HIT Fit Angels program. It started as a 7-week transformation program, offering women the opportunity to a new lifestyle change. We offered the 5-5-2 Club nutritional plan (with Carrie Fitzsimmons) and required a 3-days-per-week workout commitment to HLF-Fitness. We had 40 women who stayed committed for the 7 weeks. The results have been amazing! They walked away excited about the changes in their bodies. We finished this session by attending the Color Vibe 5K Run in Victorville and proved a lot to ourselves.” Beth’s leadership has been a key for the HIT Fit Angels program and we all feel excited and honored to have her. Bam Beth!