Angie Griego

“Bam, Angie. Looking great.” That is said a lot at HLF Fitness these days about Angie Griego. Angie has been at Heritage Life Fit for several months and has made quite an impact. She immediately became involved in Operation Hostile Takeover-Hard Corps, and is thriving. She has 3 kids whom she says “pushes me to be a better mom every day.” Angie loves HLF Fitness because, “The coaches are all positive and know how to push you to be your best. The classes are fun and are filled with inspirational people. The workouts are varied and we do a lot of activities, like Fitness Field Trips and 5K’s.” What is the final thing Angie would like to say? “Come out and try a class, and I guarantee you’ll be hooked.” One thing we know for sure is this; the BAMily is hooked on Angie. Bam!