Anely Arguellas

Anely Arguelles has been with HLF Fitness for 1 year now, and her transformation has been nothing but amazing. She is 37-years-old, is married to Ramon, and has 3 sons, including Marvin, who graduated from our In It To THIN It program. Anely is a self-proclaimed “happy person” and the world’s “okayest runner.” She loves the coaches at HLF Fitness, as well as the support and encouragement she receives from the BAMily. Anely says, “Heritage changed my life. I am now more active, I love working out every day, and I don’t look for excuses to miss workouts anymore.” Anely leaves us with this, “We all have busy lives, but we need to make time for fitness. If you think you have no time for fitness, you will, sooner or later, have to find time for illness. Thank you to the BAMily, because I feel stronger every day.” Awesome, Anely, and BAM!