Amanda Cushman

Hit-Fitter SeptemberAh, BAManda the Legend. The only woman to injure herself working out, get stitches, and do a mud run within 3 days. BAM! Our HIT Fitter of the Month has been a PE teacher in the Apple Valley USD for 13 years and is married with sons Bryce (4) and Brayden (2). Amanda says this  about the HLF fitness programs. “There is a positive atmosphere that is very motivating. It has challenged me and pushed me beyond my fitness levels. I have competed in mud runs and other competitions that I never would have done without my BAMily.” She goes on to say, “I could not do sit-ups or curl-ups when I started training at Heritage. Now, I can do many. I am proud to say that, when I started, I had high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic, but I am no longer in those categories. Thank you to the BAMily and the coaches. I am truly addicted to fitness and am happy to be a BAM Addict.” And we are addicted to those like Amanda who have made fitness a priority. BAM!