Alyssa Evans

“AK 47” has been a dedicated HIT Fit member since 2014, and has lost 30 pounds during that time with the help of Miguel, Stevie D, and others, including her tribal teammates, the BAM Addicts. Alyssa says, “It has been life changing. I have more confidence, strength, and more willpower than ever before. And, I owe it all to Heritage, my husband Chris, and the BAMily.” AK leads the Life Fit U program, which is the educational part of the HLF-FD. The first one was in October 2015, where AK organized an awesome nutritional seminar for our HIT Fit-Cross X participants. She goes on to say, “We are excited for our future classes and how they will show our people how to take control of their lives.” AK is also involved in planning our BAM Jams and is helping to organize our upcoming Tailgate Fitness Parties. BAM AK! You are a driving “force” behind our fitness program.