Alyssa Acosta

Alyssa has been with the HLF-FD for more than a year. She began as a high schooler and is now attending Cal State San Bernardino. She says her mom, G-Force member Kirsten, got her into the program and she hasn’t stopped since. Alyssa goes on to say, “Since starting at Cross X and HIT Fit, I was able to get stronger. I actually hit my first two home runs as a high school softball player because of the training. My overall game actually got better. The program at the HLF-FD helps keep me in shape as I attend college. I have bonded with the 6:30 group and Miguel and others push me to go further with my fitness.” Alyssa’s final thoughts are, “It’s very encouraging and I feel very comfortable here. There is positive energy all of the time.” It’s people like you Alyssa who make the program positive. Thank you Alyssa, and BAM!