Allysa Evans

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Recently married Alyssa (aka “AK-47”) tells this story about her fitness transformation. “I’ve always been active and I enjoy working out. I played sports in high school, including volleyball, basketball, and track Unfortunately, a few years ago, fitness was not a priority to me and I had a huge change in my weight and confidence. I couldn’t do a push-up or run
from the cops (inside joke). In May 2014, I received an email about HIT Fit with George and decided it was time to get fitness back into my life Attending HIT Fit has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Eleven months later, I have lost 25 pounds and I am as strong as I have ever been. All thanks to the encouragement of George, Miguel, and other fabulous HIT Fitters. You are not only inspiring to me, but you have become my BAM-ily. Thank you Heritage for these opportunities.”