Felicia Rose

G Force Report August“Felicia Rose is 38-years-old, has been married 15 years and has 2 kids, daughter Erin (15) and so Cory (9). Felicia feels positively about HIT Fit due to the program “encouraging health and fitness, promoting physical and mental strength, and encouraging you to push to your limits in a safe way.” RoboRunner Felicia serves in 2 capacities for G-Force. She is a project assistant for any program and was the leader in establishing the BAM Squaws Tribe (4:30pm) from the Golden Dumbbell competition. She traditionally captains the HLF-FS team who competes in the yearly Heritage Games. Though Felicia says she does very little, we disagree. We know we would not be the BAMily we are without her. Thank you, Felicia. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. BAM!