George Mangum – Director of Fitness

George Mangum - Director of Fitness

George Mangum- Director of Fitness

I am the Director of Fitness at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group and have designed their, are you ready, free Life Fit fitness program.  It’s world-class, supervised group training at no cost to participants.  HVVMG and I have the same idea about life — that the more fit you are, the more winning in life you’ll experience, the less you will be sick and the less doctor visits you’ll make.  My philosophy is this: Fitness is the answer and it doesn’t matter what the question is.  Fitness always works, we don’t.  Feel free to yell BAM at any time while reading.

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Fact 1 — Reject slow

So sorry to break this news to you, but the slower the cardio, the more potential harm it can cause.  Listen, for the past many years we’ve been fooled into thinking that long, drawn-out running, jogging, biking, etc., is beneficial for our health. We have this chemical called cortisol in our bodies. When it’s released for too long in our system it actually starts storing fat instead of burning it.  And excess stored fat does what?  It leads to far higher instances of diabetes, heart disease and types of cancer.  Crikey, the Wall Street Journal published a report last year indicating that slow cardio is worse for us than sitting around eating a cheeseburger.  What the heck? The answer to this is — as we use at Life Fit — metabolic resistance training, aka HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It ain’t easy, but it sure is worth it.  Walking out of a HIIT workout geeks you up, gets you going and protects you from disease. Stanford University found that 4 1⁄2 minutes of HIIT is as effective as an athlete on a treadmill for 30 minutes at, gulp, 8 1⁄2 mph.


George Mangum - Director of Fitness Reject Avoid Bankruptcy Medical Bills

Fact 2 — Avoid bankruptcy

Did you know that the primary cause of bankruptcy is not credit cards, bad business deals, or shopping QVC?  It’s actually medical bills from major medical conditions that people cannot pay, even though they have insurance. What is the number one way to prevent these major medical events in our lives? It’s fitness! BAM!  It’s not exercising, working out or getting on elliptical machines at your gym.  It’s what we call at Life Fit, HIT Fit. BTW.  Did you know that elliptical machine manufacturers are in trouble these days?  It’s because some of them have been found to have manipulated their “data” about calorie burning.  Their machines register 42 percent more calorie burning than you’re actually doing.  Are you kidding me?  Not only are elliptical machines counter-productive to overall health and wellness, the manufacturers are fat-making, money-making fibbers leading us to believe that we’re actually fit and healthy.  So when you see a commercial on TV talking about the best way to prepare for retirement, you have my permission to yell at it and say, “No way amigo! Fitness is the answer, and I don’t care what you’re trying to sell me. BAM!”  Ooh, that felt good.


George Mangum - Director of Fitness CEO's Make Money Strong Arm with Money

Fact 3 Make money

Fit people make more money, are more educated, make better decisions and create more opportunity for themselves.  In a study performed by Money Magazine, 75 percent of Fortune 500 CEO’s pointed to fitness as a common trait of their winning success.  Other research states that people who are fit and give off a more attractive vibe are more likely to receive favor from others, especially in the areas of finding employment, job promotion and wage increases.  It’s a weird law of attraction thing, but it is reality.


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Fact 4— Change your life

Listen, you cannot become who you deserve to become by remaining who you are.  So, if you are in need of a drastic change, either come and get free training with us at Heritage Life Fit or go find a fitness facility that will meet the criteria I listed above.  Got it? Good.


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