From Shipping Container to Year-round Greenhouse

Entrepreneur Daniel Kuenzi has started transforming empty shipping containers into compact, water efficient farms. Using hydroponic farming techniques and energy-efficient lighting, Kuenzi and his startup Local Roots Farms are currently growing lettuce in the 40-foot steel containers in LA, and aim to stock a handful of southern California grocery stores this year.

In the midst of the record-setting drought in California, a place that provides nearly a third of the nation’s produce, a low-water system capable of growing food year-round may be an attractive solution to many family farms. Kuenzi says “Each farm uses next-generation indoor agriculture techniques to grow the equivalent yield of five acres of conventional outdoor farming each year. The process uses 80 percent less water with no harmful run-off and prevents exposure to pests and diseases.” Arid environments like the High and Mojave Deserts could especially benefit from this kind of real water conservation.

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