Fitness Testimonials 1

HLF Fitness Testimonials Heritage LifeFit Fitness

“I have lost 14 pounds and developed muscles I never knew I had. I am so thankful for Heritage providing fitness that is challenging and fun.” -Lisa Yamauchi

“Last month, I received my yearly physical exam results and am ecstatic to share that my triglyceride levels went from an unhealthy 290 to 148, without medicine.” -Maria Figueroa

“It’s made me realize how healthy I want to be at my age, and the other HIT Fitters make me want to test myself physically. It’s a life changing program and all you have to do is commit to you.” -Butch Gamache

“Working out at Retro-Fit is a great step in keeping our body and mind useful, and I have greatly increased my strength.” -Jerene Creason (senior)

“I actually hit my first two home runs as a high school softball player because of the training. The program at the HLF-FD helps keep me in shape as I attend college.” -Alyssa Acosta (youth)

“I’m making enemies with diseases. I am setting an example for my kids. It’s 80% diet and nutrition and positive results happen when you feed your body the right way.” -Tracy Jurasek