Fitness: The No Risk, High Yield Investment

Fitness: The No Risk, High Yield Investment

A low-risk investment (LRI), according to financial experts. This is an investment where you are assured of losing very little, if anything. However, LRI’s rarely yield amazing returns.

That does not hold true for fitness, bucko. Fitness: The No Risk, High Yield Investment

Literally, investing 150 “hit it, git it, yo-mama” minutes a week (yep, each week), a relatively small amount of time, will yield an incredibly high return in many critical areas of your life: disease prevention, Alzheimer’s prevention, and higher life satisfaction.

Though a $150 investment will probably not make you a million bucks, a 150 minutes-per-week investment will allow you to feel and live like a million bucks. And, when it comes down to battling the inevitability of aging, chronic disease, and lost faculties, all of the research says fitness will “buy” you more time than money ever could.

So, look at your fitness investment portfolio.

How much are you putting into it?

Just like any investment, something needs to go in before anything will come out. Fitness is truly a “can’t miss” investment. You know the old saying, right? “Money doesn’t grow on trees?” Neither does fitness, so find our fitness branch here at HVVMG as soon as possible, and we’ll help you start your fitness investment portfolio, guaranteed to carry you through your golden years, in style. Got it? Good. Bam!


George Mangum, M.A.

George is the Fitness Director at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group and spends his time helping teens, educators and seniors make fitness a lifestyle. He believes that fitness is the answer, and doesn’t care what the question is.