The Answer To The Fight Against Cancer

Fitness, an Answer to Cancer

In 1994, at 45-years-old, George Foreman became the oldest fighter ever to win the World Heavyweight Championship in boxing. Earlier in his boxing career, Foreman won a gold medal and was heavyweight champion, until retiring. Years later, Foreman shocked the world by knocking his opponent out and reclaiming his crown as the best fighter. Many younger fans did not know who this old fighter was until learning what he could do by winning the crown. The Answer To The Fight Against Cancer

Well, recent research has just surfaced about an “old fighter” known as fitness, and how fitness has reestablished itself as a champion in the heavyweight battle vs. cancer. However, the world shouldn’t be shocked, because fitness is undefeated in all aspects of life. Nobody has ever lost a battle to cancer because of fitness. On the contrary, fitness has triumphed over this seemingly unbeatable foe in cancer too many times to count.

So here are the numbers. In combination with weight-watching, not smoking, and cutting back on alcohol, 150 minutes-per- week of vigorous fitness, are you ready, is conquering half of all cancer cases in the lives of Americans, some types up to 70% reduction and elimination. BAM!

Fitness is knocking its opponent out for the count regularly. You see, too many have retired fitness in their lives and are fighting cancer without any power, but this old fighter is ready to win some heavyweight battles if you’ll just release it. Fitness, then, is an answer to cancer, but you’re going to have to “release the beast” of fitness.

150 minutes-per-week of vigorous fitness vs. a 24/7 struggle with cancer, and you have to think about this? Work out hard, smoke less, drink less, and win over cancer. Got it? Good.


George Mangum, M.A.

George is the Fitness Director at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group and spends his time helping teens, educators and seniors make fitness a lifestyle. He believes that fitness is the answer, and doesn’t care what the question is.