Fitness and Life Skills

Women Running in the sunset - Fitness and Life Skills

The hours you spend in the gym and on the practice field pay dividends well beyond a healthier, more fit you. By living an active lifestyle, you’re contributing to and strengthening all areas of your well-being and success in life. Studies have shown that participation in sports and other physical activities provide developmental, emotional, and social benefits. These life skills for young and old alike can last a lifetime.

Developmental Benefits

In addition to learning new physical skills, participants gain an understanding of the mental resilience they gain. The resilience that’s needed to get better at something over time. While developing mechanisms for dealing with both loss and success. Patience, trust in others and the ability to problem solve under pressure. These are also benefits that have a long-lasting impact, whether you’re working with your peers or on your own.

Emotional Benefits

Applicable to all ages, physical activity has been shown to stimulate chemicals in the brain that make you feel better. Whether it’s the improvement of a young child’s self-esteem through accomplishments on the field, or simply an outlet for emotional catharsis through sweat and exhaustion, physical activity produces endorphins that act as natural painkillers, improve the ability to sleep, reduce stress and trigger an overall positive feeling in the body.

Social Benefits

From discipline to teamwork, short-term and long-term social benefits are innumerable. Children receive a sense of belonging and build foundational life skills. Ones like learning to cooperate and listen to one another that will pay dividends in other areas of their life. Adults, meanwhile, can rehabilitate old behaviors and learn new skills at the same time. The discipline and mental fortitude needed to compete in a sport or perform a physical activity translates to other areas of life, like maintaining personal finances, developing healthy relationships and even overcoming loss or disappointment.

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