Fitness Classes

All Heritage LifeFit classes take place at: 12408 Hesperia Road, Suite 25 Victorville, CA 92395

HIT means “High Intensity Training.” The one-hour program is designed for and is successful for all fitness levels, from beginners to very experienced. HIT FIT involves everything from weight training to bodyweight strength training to “real cardio.”


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 6:30am

Mon thru Friday: 8:00am 

Monday thru Thursday: 4:30pm/5:30p /6:30pm

Friday: 4:30pm/5:30pm

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FITness 101 is for those who are new to fitness or those who are restarting their fitness lifestyle.  The program is designed to transform you with a challenging group-fitness training workout without being overly intimidating. All fitness levels are welcome.

Monday & Wednesday: 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, & 6:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 4:30, 5:30, & 6:30pm 

Friday: 11:00am

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HVVMG CrossFit

Monday & Wednesday: 6:30 am

Tuesday & Thursday: 4:30/5:30pm/6:30pm


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Retro-Fit is an advanced fitness program for seniors. Not only do Retro-Fitters work hard for 45-60 minutes each session, the atmosphere is one of joy, help, and acceptance.

Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00am

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Uberfit is for those who want to prepare for Spartan and other competitive fitness races. This High-Performance FITness Training is SPEC (Strength Power Endurance Conditioning) and happens onsite and offsite. If you are looking to diversify your training, this is for you, whether or not you plan on competing. Master the Art of Performance.

Monday thru Thursdays at 5:30 pm 

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ZumbaStrong combines dance and strength training. Come and rock and roll. Rock-up that body and roll-out those new dance moves.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 9am & 10am

FIT Night Friday: Strong by Zumba – 5:00pm


What if you could transform your body in less than two months? At the Heritage LifeFit Fitness Breakthrough Boot Camp, you can finally get the look and feel you’ve always wanted in just eight short weeks. Stop procrastinating, it’s time to get in shape and take control of your body! Visit or call 800-655-9999 to sign-up and start your fitness transformation today.

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Yoga is our Strength in Stretching program, designed to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit, especially after a challenging day or workout.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 12:00pm

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MuscleFIT is a high-intensity FITness program involving aggressive weight-training and bodybuilding workouts. This is for the serious FITness person.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 11:00am

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Heritage LifeFit has a new class, Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS). The mission of Bigger Faster Stronger strives to encourage positive changes in the lives of athletes. BFS works through strength training, fitness development, and athletic performance.

Monday thru Thursday: 6:30pm

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This is a FREE 8-week summer fitness program designed just for students ages 12-18. You will be able to meet new people and get in shape with our certified trainers.

Runs from June 3rd to July 31st – Monday & Wednesday at 4:30 PM

Heritage Lifefit Fitness – Suite 25
12408 Hesperia Road, Victorville

All participants must attend orientation!
June 3rd at 4:30 PM

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