Fear This, Not That (Part 2)

Fear This, Not That (Part 2) - I will Thrive not just survive

Fear This, Not That – So, if you read my last blog about the fears of fitness, you should realize something by now. Fear of exercise and fitness is a reality people suffer from. But, by analyzing what the fear is and by applying the truths I am supplying to overcome them, your life of fitness has a chance to begin and thrive.


Fear This, Not That (Part 2) - keep-calm-and-fulfill-your-potential

Remember. If there’s anything to fear, fear a life without fitness, not a life of fitness. Whatever you have to do to overcome fears and get fit, it has to happen, or each day that goes by will be another one where you do not fulfill your winning potential. Staying fit equals a winning life.


Fear This, Not That (Part 2) - WomanFlippingTire_Crossfit

Fear 3: Injury

Many people get hurt when trying a fitness program and it leaves a double-bitter taste in their mouths, thus causing a real fear. This is a common situation with programs like Cross Fit. As radically challenging as Cross Fit can be, it causes too many injuries for those who are ill-prepared to participate in this extreme form of fitness. Cross Fit, too many times, does not provide an entry level program that leads up to the full program. So, people get hurt, tell others, and the fear of the same injurious results holds people back, and rightly so.

Listen, I have been at my own gym where I train and have watched a “personal trainer” who has no business instructing others. Upon seeing the potentially harmful situation, I take initiative and instruct the poor victim, er, customer that what they are being taught to do is not beneficial for them. I see a potentially dangerous situation that will not only harm the person, but will cause them a fear of fitness for the future and feel (that’s a lotta “f’s”) obligated to tell them. Again, I want people to fear a life without fitness instead of fearing potential injury.

So, what can you do to help this fear of injury?

Here are some simple bullet points that always work. It’s up to you, though, to put them in action.


Fear This, Not That (Part 2) - Set Your Goals
  • Set a one-year plan to fitness. This way, you do not have to feel that it all has to happen in a short time. Which, is known to cause injury. Heck, you’re gonna be a year older anyway. Do you still want to fear injury, be injured and in the same non-fit condition? Or, are you gonna be “one year fitter?” Come on, time is running.
Fear This, Not That (Part 2) - partner-push-up
  • Find a workout partner. Many times, you hold each other accountable and remind each other to be safe.
Fear This, Not That (Part 2) - Man Stretching
  •  Learn to work out safely. Pick the proper workout program to begin with. Warm up before sessions, have the proper gear, hydrate, re-hydrate, and use proper technique. Also, stretching and take your time moving up to harder levels. Your progress may be sooner or later. It doesn’t matter, just get there without injury or fear of it.


Fear This, Not That (Part 2) - it-isnt-eat-but-its-worth-it

Fear of getting injured is a legitimate concern. What concerns me, though, is those who allow this fear to become an excuse to not get fit. You deserve to be fit, but it won’t be the most pleasant thing all of the time. However, when you begin to sleep better, work more productively, have a better attitude, and enjoy your waking hours more, you’ll find yourself rushing right back to your gym to do another workout, free of fear.

-George Mangum M.A., Heritage LifeFit Fitness Director