Fear This, Not That (Part 1)

Fear This, Not That (Part 1) - Racing People Graphic

Fear This, Not That: I have committed myself to make sure that those I encounter have a chance at a winning lifestyle. And, what is a major component? It’s fitness.  Can I get a BAM?  Thus, if it seems that I get a little pushy or crazy, just know that fitness can provide a much fuller life for all of us, and I’ll be darned if I’m gonna let you miss it.


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So, what’s up with the title?

I’m going to list some things in this and future blogs which cause many to have a fear of fitness.  With that said, there is something I do want you to fear more, and that’s a lack of fitness.  A lack of fitness results in far more life-threatening diseases and higher rates of death for those who ignore it.  But, as I always say, fitness ain’t easy, but it sure is worth it.  Just ask that loved-one around you who needs to keep you around for as many years as possible.  Is it worth it to you to be around as long as possible for them? You betcha Bronco Billy.  The following is a list of some situations that cause people to actually fear pursuing a fitness lifestyle.  Effective responses are given.


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Fear 1: Intimidation

So many people feel like they’re too out of shape or look too overweight to workout.  In short, they’re intimidated and afraid to go out and train with those who “have their acts together.”  I hear ya and understand, but we cannot let it stop us.  I guarantee you this.  Many of those people who are fit started where you are and are more than willing to help you if needed.  I have rarely seen a situation where a beginner, or returner to fitness, did not receive help, encouragement, and support from those at any gym or workout group.  So, don’t think that you’ll be on your own.  In reality, you’ll actually be in a place where people will go out of their way to help.  So, get over it, get up, and get going.  New “fit friends” are there waiting for you.


Fear This, Not That (Part 1) - Intimidated by Other's Success


Fear 2: Difficulty

Then, there are others who fear the idea that the workouts are too hard, so they do little or nothing instead.  Listen, sitting around and doing nothing or doing super slow, super easy “cardio” is more harmful than you can imagine.  Hey, fitness was not designed to be easy, or everyone would do it. Doing nothing or slow cardio stores up fat, and that only leads to greater health issues.  Did you know that, after a good warm-up, that it takes only thirty minutes of high intensity training (HIT) per session to meet your fitness objectives?  And, to encourage you even more, those thirty minutes, if performed like we do in the Heritage Life Fit- Fitness Dept., goes faster than you can imagine.  Think about this. Doing three of these HIT sessions per week puts you in or near the fitness levels you need for overall health and wellness.  Come on, you can certainly warm-up, then, do thirty minutes of this, can’t you?  Repeat after me, “Yes, I can.”

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In my next blog, we’ll look at a couple of more fears. Which, I’m sure you’ll be able to get over.  BAM!


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