Dr. Assadi MD

New to Hertiage Dr. Assadi MD

There’s a new doctor in town! Dr. Khatereh Assadi, a board-certified family medicine physician with Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group. She is now accepting patients in the Tri-Community area of Phelan, Pinon Hills, and Wrightwood.
Dr. Assadi will be accepting patients 2 months old and up.  The office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She is a devoted physician who strives to deliver the best care possible to all her patients.
Furthermore, “I love family medicine because I am an initial point of contact for a patient’s access to medical care, providing continuity of care and delivering high-quality care,” Dr. Assadi said.

This doctor is a  yoga enthusiast who enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Next, Dr. Assadi wanted to be a physician for as long as she can remember and hopes her love for her job shines through to her patients.
“I want my patients to know that I am caring, hardworking, and dedicated to my family and my job,” Dr. Assadi said. “I treat every one of them as if they were my family members and they can be sure that they will always receive the best care that I can provide.”

For example, a big proponent of promoting a healthy lifestyle

Dr. Assadi puts specific emphasis on nutrition, weight loss and exercise to help improve the overall health of her patients.
“I strongly believe the combination of fitness and a healthy diet are important factors to better health,” Dr. Assadi said. Equally Important, “By promoting a healthy lifestyle, we can play an important role in the prevention of many other health conditions.”
“As a physician, it is very rewarding to see the improvement in your patient’s health status.” “I like to see it improve their quality of life.”
Dr. Assadi’s office is located at 3936 Phelan Road, Suite F1, in Phelan. To schedule an appointment, call 760-868-6622.

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