Jay Rook, D.O. M.P.H.

Integrative & Athlete Wellness Physician – Primary/Subspecialty Care Physician

As a provider, I always strive to break the physician-patient barrier because, in my experience, health outcomes and satisfaction improve greatly when the physician interacts with the patient on his or her level and is able to personalize their care. As the Integrative/Athlete Wellness physician here at Heritage LifeFit, I am excited about natural, non-invasive and non-surgical methods of healing and restoration for our patients and am inspired by the increasing understanding about how to maximize performance and longevity while optimizing the way the body heals. But, I am also a scientist and know that many of our conventional strategies are effective.
For my patients, I want to apply techniques that are individually and scientifically appropriate. I do not promote modalities or treatments if I do not believe they have scientific merit. This philosophy and commitment is likely derived from the roundabout way I entered medicine. Despite being very academic through high school, I took time off in between graduating and beginning college. In that period, I waited tables, designed sport sunglasses, and even played in a rock band before returning to school and earning my undergraduate, graduate and medical degrees. However, the fervor to seek and combine wellness and scientific contribution has always been at the forefront.
Renewal is an important aspect of my life also and I seek the same balance that I advocate to my patients. When I am not at work, I am likely flying down some trail on my mountain bike or running on the soccer pitch. My wife, kids and I are all very active and you can usually find us doing something outside as often as possible. I am incredibly passionate about the things I believe in and care about.
It is very exciting to me to work with patients who are dedicated to improving their overall state of health and well-being, and Integrative Wellness allows me to apply my analytic mind to a very patient-centered approach so as to blend general conventional and holistic medicine for great patient outcomes.
My goal at the Heritage group is to help redefine what the clinic/patient-physician experience is and ultimately improve medical care and allow for patients and everyone to be healthier, happier and more active.

Dr. Rook is the ideal PCP for the 18-64 year old athlete-minded individual who is generally healthy and wanting to remain or improve upon that level of health.

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Location & Contact

12408 Hesperia Road Suite 21
Victorville, CA 92395
(760)553-7000 / (760) 269-1275

Office hours:
8 am to 6 pm – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, every other Friday



Western University of Health Sciences
College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Loma Linda University Medical Center & Children’s

Loma Linda University Medical Center & Children’s


Other Information

Age Restrictions:
18-64 (Primary physician),
18 and older (Subspecialty care: sports and fitness nutrition, bio identical hormone treatment, non surgical injury management [e.g., osteopathic manipulative techniques; active release techniques; trigger point injections; prolotherapy; platelet-rich plasma injections])

Health Insurance

Anthem- Blue Cross
Blue Shield
Care 1st
Covered California / Health Net
Health Net
Inter Valley Health
Secure Horizons
United Healthcare
Wellcare/Easy Choice

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