Distance Running -A.J.Pulice

The LifeFit University program will provide you with skills. The skills to take on more than just a simple new fitness routine. It will create discipline in your life to meet all the challenges you face whether it be financial, work-related or health-related. Distance Running -A.J.Pulice

Creating a foundation for better life choices creates a new positive you. In turn, this puts smiles on the faces of those around you.

Andrew ‘AJ’ Pulice

Distance Running -A.J.Pulice - Heritage LifeFit U

Andrew was a collegiate cross country and track runner. His running career started at Cal State Fullerton where he received his degree in Fitness and Health Promotion. He was an NCAA DI Big West All-Conference athlete. This landed him into the record books at Cal State Fullerton. Searching to further his education and continue completing his final year of eligibility, AJ was blessed to continue his journey at Chico St. At Chico, AJ became, for the 2nd time, an NCAA DII CCAA All-Conference athlete and assisted Chico St. in winning their 10th straight CCAA title on the track. That season, AJ also was awarded with CCAA All-Academic honors as well as NCAA DII All-Academic honors. Although his running was over at the collegiate level, AJ became a Graduate Assistant and helped Chico St. continue its running dominance. While at Chico St., AJ received his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.