Winning Fitness: Using Fitness to Avoid Bankruptcy

In 2014, I did a seminar on this topic at what we call Life Fit U. Life Fit U is the educational component of the HLF-FD (Heritage Life Fit-Fitness Dept.). The statistics I read prior to this seminar were enough to warrant this presentation. Since then, new information has come to light, so let’s look at it again.

According to a Harvard study (2009), most bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to medical bills, as most medical plans cannot cover the cost of major surgery and/or major illnesses. And, a new study has found that a majority of those who have experienced a major medical condition and missed a large amount of time from work were never able to regain their previous wages, even if they could go back to work. For both of these groups of people, bankruptcy became their only option, and the emotional and financial trauma caused by this becomes debilitating.


So, what is a solution to this? You got it. It’s fitness. People who have fit lifestyles are far less likely to need medical interventions or costly treatments, as they have prepared their bodies to combat sickness and ailments that are lurking at every moment. Fit people stay out of hospitals and don’t depend on intervention or treatment, but rather win at life by being F.I.T. The word F.I.T. means fitness before intervention or treatment. Bam! I recently received a text from a non-smoker who contracted lung cancer, which is a rising phenomenon in American women. After undergoing all necessary procedures and treatments, she, according to her message, is “cancer free! Bam!” Her doctors told her that the biggest reason she survived was because of her fitness levels. And, don’t you know that this validated all of the time she spent running, lifting, and sweating? I don’t think she regrets one moment of her fitness lifestyle. And, her loved ones must be glad that she’s still a part of their lives, completely healthy and bankrupt-free.


So, do yourself a favor. Stay bankrupt-free by staying out of the hospital and stay out of the hospital by staying fit. Fitness always works, bankruptcy always wrecks. Bam!

-George Mangum M.A., Heritage LifeFit Fitness Director