Four Lifestyle Podcasts for Wellness Motivation

A set of headphones with the words 'Four Wellness and Lifestyle Podcasts to Get You Motivated'

When you’re on the go or cruising down I-15, plug in and listen to one of these motivational podcasts. You’ll get important tips and guidance on health, fitness, meditation, and other wellness topics. If you need even more assistance on your journey to lead a healthy life, visit the Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group wellness center for our classes and workshops.

1. Cabral Concept

This podcast by functional medicine specialist Dr. Stephen Cabral features short, research-packed episodes with a dedicated topic for each day of the week, such as Motivation and Mindset Mondays, Weight Loss Wednesdays, and Training Thursdays.

2. The Chasing Joy Podcast

If you’re interested in mental health topics and building a community that supports wellness, this inspiring podcast is for you. The host strives to entertain and educate while providing the tools you need for a joyful life.

3. Nourish + Flourish

For those who want support and motivation on a wellness journey, this podcast offers advice and experience about finding out what nourishes your mind, body, and soul, as well as creating those experiences within your life.

4. Colorful Eats

If you want to begin eating a more nutritious diet, this fun, entertaining podcast by two nutritionists provides practical information about incorporating the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

Whether you have received a new health diagnosis or want to learn more about how to support your overall well-being, the wellness center can help with monthly health education events. You can also visit the wellness center online to read more about topics like weight loss and managing chronic illness.