As People Live Longer, Cancer Rates Increase

People Live Longer, Cancer Rates Increase.

This should be a no brainer. As our population and, medical science develope so does the food we eat and products we use. All of this leading to an increase in cancer rates that the medical field is trying to find a cure for.

In this article, we are goign to look into the relationship between age and cancer. We all get older and this is inevitable, and as we do age there are differnt risk factors that we are exposed to. These factors change for each person.  For most adults, there is avoidable exposures and modifiable risk behaviors that are causally associated with cancer. However, cancer does not have to be an inevitable consequence of growing older. Our health systems are advancing and our earth is becoming a cleaner place. Interventions that support healthy environments like companies that specialize in clean air is a huge change. Since adults are reaching older ages, the number of new cancer cases will also increase.  Thus, the need to translate the available research into practice to promote cancer prevention. This effort is a great way to sustain life expectancy.

Cancer Rates Increase - Cancer CellsThe biggest question that everyone has is since science is advancing why are cancer rates increasing? Our foods are being modified and so it everything we touch. This is a tough question to answer. There is a video here that gives some input to these questions, but ultimately cancer is everywhere and until we know exactly what combination of things causes cancer we can’t find a cure for all. It’s similar to the flu as we come up with vaccines our atmosphere allows for the virus to morph into something else that needs a new vaccine. Cancer will continue to climb as humanity refuses to change its ways.


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