What You Need To Know To Actually Give Up Sugar

What You Need To Know To Actually Give Up Sugar

What you need to know to actually give up sugar. There is one substance that causes weight gain, accelerates aging, causes wrinkles and skin rashes, leads to diabetes, creates belly bloat, is linked to cancer, weakens your immune system, feeds yeast overgrowth and much more…


Well, you probably guessed…its SUGAR!  


Not only does sugar lead to all of the harmful diseases just listed, its also incredibly addictive.  

Even though we know it causes countless problems, the challenge to quit is still so hard for even the most motivated people.  However difficult, the benefits of breaking up with sugar far outweigh any short-term sweet benefits.  


Sugar is far more prevalent than we realize.

Simply avoiding the white crystals on your kitchen table, or anything labeled sugaris not enough. Hidden in salad dressings, sauces, yogurt and much more.

Sugar” has many other names you may not recognize:  

– high fructose corn syrup

– corn syrup, rice syrup

– Maltodextrin, dextrose

– dehydrated cane syrup

– sorbitol

– honey

– MANY more!!  


As you can see sugar is sneaking into many foods we consume on a daily basis.

You probably don’t even realize how much you are actually consuming.

So, to understand whether youre taking in too much sugar; the first step is to become aware of the actual amount in your current diet. Once we have that understood, we can begin the process of weaning off and cutting it down.


The Solution

If you are committed to breaking the sugar addiction,  I recommend going cold turkey.

The faster you can get your body off of sugar and back balance, the less you will think about it!  No need to prolong the pain!

As you start to wean off sugar, your taste buds will adapt and appreciate the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables! So, during this time it’s also extremely important not to consume any artificial sweeteners.  In fact, these sweeteners have actually been shown to cause even MORE health problems than sugar.


So, how do we get started?


Start With Breakfast

Start your day off with a healthy breakfast of high protein and healthy fat, and ZERO sugar.  (This means no fruits, yogurts, cereals, muffins, etc.) This will keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day and help curb any cravings. Something like a spinach mushroom omelette with avocado on top is a great way to start your day.

Then, throughout the day make sure that each meal includes quality protein, fresh vegetables, and fat to keep you satiated. If you need a snack at some point, a handful of walnuts or almonds are a perfect energy boost.

If you find yourself struggling from sugar withdrawals, try including sour foods such as lemons or fermented sauerkraut. These will help to curb those cravings.  I also recommend supplementing with magnesium and/or chromium to help keep blood sugar levels in a healthier range.  


Keys To Success

As you work to break the sugar habit, think about WHY you are craving it. Maybe you are simply tired and looking for a quick energy fix, or maybe you are stressed out?  In these situations, it might be helpful to look into other techniques such as meditation and mindfulness to alleviate those triggers.  

Sugar can be addictive for our bodies, but it can also be addictive in other ways.  Often, sweet foods represent comfort foods.  Finding alternatives to these little sources of joy will also be key in parting ways with sugar.


Laura Conley is a nutritionist at Heritage LifeFit Fitness. During her twelve years as a private fitness and wellness coach, she specialized in functional fitness, sports performance and holistic nutrition. Laura strongly believes that by incorporating the body, mind, and spirit we can all truly transform and thrive.