A Remedy for an Ongoing Concern of Medical Patients

Victorville, CA – One of the biggest ongoing concerns for patients today is obtaining the medical referrals to specialists that they require to maintain their health.

At Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group, we have taken great steps to create a system that is paperless thanks to a new upgraded sophisticated processing system that will provide our members with their specialist referrals in as little as a few hours.

We have faced the medical industry’s challenge of lengthy referral periods, and have created a remedy completing our member’s referrals now in record time.  For years now the industry standard for the processing of specialist referrals has been weeks if not months in some rare cases.  With the introduction of this new dynamic referral system, our patients are no longer waiting by the phone for their much-needed specialist referrals.

We realize that keeping patients’ healthcare path on the right track is paramount in keeping our members as healthy as possible, and creating an enhanced referral system was the next step to meet our goal of providing the best healthcare in the High Desert. We have attained this goal and incorporated this new referral system creating the best total coordinated care approach in the High Desert; making sure that our members get the right care at the right place at the right time.

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By Michael Callan for Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group