5-year-old’s house calls help steer him toward life of helping others

5-year-old boy decides to become a doctor: Movie or real life?

A photo of Dr. Moushabek, a part of the medical group at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group in Victorville, CA

But it’s true — it’s real life. It’s the remarkable story of Dr. Roger Moushabek. His life-altering decision to help people after tagging along on house calls with his uncle — also a doctor — led him down a valiant path.

His decision has also helped countless people love the way they feel for many years.

Today, Moushabek is a specialist in internal medicine at Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group, an advocate for preventive medicine. He aims to encourage others to make an effort to improve their health.

Read more about Dr. Moushabek’s journey, the first in a series on people who, through Heritage, have made incredible differences in the lives of others and their own.

Heritage People: Dr. Roger Moushabek