3 Steps To Changing A Bad Habit

Changing A Bad Habit Is Something Most Of Us Would Rather Not Talk About.

And fitness isn’t fun for most. It is a necessity, however. For those who aren’t fit, it will continue to be a problem unless you change your habits.

Remember, no amount of money, popularity, excuses, or medications are going to impact your life as thoroughly and completely as fitness will. You may tell yourself otherwise, but you know in your heart it’s not true.

In a seminar I held last year, entitled The Power of Habit, I discussed how bad habits must be changed to get fit and good habits must be reinforced to stay fit.

Thus, you need to know about the Habit Loop. The Habit Loop includes three steps that, once you recognize and follow, will change your bad habits; the cue, the routine, and the reward. If your fitness life isn’t what it should be, you need to change your routine (or habits), which in turn will provide you the reward of fitness vs. the despair of a defeated life.

The Cue: 

When Monday rolls around and you know it’s time to get to the gym, and your old habit says you have too much to do or you are too tired.

The Routine: 

Replace that old thinking and grab your workout clothes instead, and just get there. You are on your way changing your routine.

The Reward: 

You go home feeling so much better than if you would not have gone! 

By changing habits, within 21 days, you begin developing neural pathways that cause you to automatically make the right fitness decisions. I ain’t sayin’ it’s easy, but it has to be better than where you’re headed right now.

 Got it? Good. 


By HLF Fitness Director George Mangum