6 Pros & Cons of 2017 Fitness Trends

2017 Fitness trends

2017 Fitness Trends

Wearable Technology

Whether they’re fitness trackers, pedometers, or calorie counters, this market is scheduled to reach $4 billion in sales in 2017. However, there is a downside to these items. One study showed that non-wearers experienced more weight-loss because they relied on personal effort and, literally, sweat, to guide their workouts vs. a numerical data indicator. Sweat dripping on the ground may be a better indicator of fitness than numbers displayed on your wrist or phone.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight exercises are very popular due to the needs for less equipment and lower costs, and are one of my 6 forms of strength. The biggest issue with bodyweight training is it can take much longer to get results than aggressive weight-training, and it doesn’t create the after-burn that weight-training does. Bodyweight training is good, but weights are great.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been the popular fitness rage for the past decade, and for good reason. HIIT provides amazing results in shorter times and really gets the body’s systems working at max rates. The problem is that HIIT, in its purest form, is not right for everyone. However, the idea of doing higher intensity movements in shorter times is always a “fit-tastic” thing. HIIT the court, HIIT the trail, or HIIT the weights, and you’ll HIIT your target.

Scientific Fitness

Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group is a national leader in “scientific fitness”, as we believe that Fitness is HealthCARE. Using data and research to guide your training can be very beneficial; as this can usually help you achieve some great fitness results. Be careful, though, of that “science”, as there is many who will use false data to get your attention and business, and it ends up as more of a scientific scam than a scientific plan.

Group Training

Group training is a great way to get fit. The group setting many times leads to accountability amongst attendees and can produce some pretty fun workouts, which produces some seriously positive results. HVVMG is a leading group-training facility, and the progress participants have made reaches into the “incredible” category. A major drawback to group training is the temperament of the group. Be careful to find a group whose only objective is fitness, and don’t get caught up in a social gathering called a workout. You can “hang out” before and after, but your group should be all about maximizing, not socializing.

Fitness as Medicine

HVVMG recognized years ago that an onsite fitness facility would lead directly to lowered healthcare costs, especially in the areas of prescription meds. Science shows that fitness, done at a higher intensity, fights off deadly conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and a reported 13 types of cancer. In most instances, super costly interventions and treatments would be required immediately, but people with active fitness lifestyles many times never have to get to that point. So, instead of spending money on interventions and meds, use your fitness program for healthcare and do most of your spending in the gym. Fitness prescriptions>prescription meds.