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Hot Weather Fitness Hacks

Summer in the high desert can be a challenging environment for any workout. When you walk out the front door and smack into that wall of heat, it can take an iron will to keep on walking. The good news? Training under that additional stress can improve your performance and up your endurance for tough […]

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Summer Eating fun for diabetics

Summer is here at last! Beach trips, backyard BBQ’s, and picnics at the park make summer a season of fun in the sun. Even if you’re living with diabetes, there’s no need to feel left out. Summer’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect for any healthy diet. Aside from the awesome flavors, they’re […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Did you already give up on it?

New Years Resolutions: Did you already give up on it?

It’s not too late to reignite your New Years Resolution to focus on fitness! Getting into shape is a key New Years Resolution for countless people. For some, that means cutting down on fatty foods and carb-filled calories; for others, it’s getting in the gym to burn off the previous year’s over-indulgences. Now, with Jan. […]

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