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How High Blood Pressure Can Affect Your Daily Life

Health Risks of high blood pressure

What do you worry about most on a daily basis? Waking up on time. Remembering to lock your car. Trying to eat healthier. Finding time to exercise. What about high blood pressure? It’s not surprising that something referred to as a “silent killer” fails to rank high on the list of things that concern us. […]

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Yoga is Good for Mind, Body, and Soul

Yoga - Class of people doing yoga

Downward-Facing Dog. Happy Baby. Half Lord of the Fishes. Bound Lotus. The list of interesting names for yoga poses is seemingly endless – and so are the benefits! Whether you are a novice learning the Child’s Pose to help with flexibility. Or a seasoned veteran who can bust out a Firefly Pose on command. Yoga […]

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The Dangers of Liquid Medication Measurements and How to Avoid Them

Mother Giving Child Cough Medicine

Nearly half of all parents get their children’s liquid medication measurements wrong. In fact, one study found that four out of five parents made at least one error when using either a dosing cup or oral syringe. The miscalculations ranged from small to more than twice as much as directed. This would be a problem […]

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