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Nutrition & Fitness affects on Mental Health

How does Food & Exercise Affect Your Mental Health Striving for a healthy mind, body and soul is a noble goal, but it all begins with your mental health. With nearly 1 in 4 Americans suffering from some type of mental illness each year, and the CDC predicting that by 2020 depression will rank behind […]

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What is farm to table?

More and more the phrase “farm to table” is being used everywhere from restaurant menus to nutritional advice publications. But what exactly does it mean? Put simply, farm to table is just that – food taken directly from a farm and brought straight to your plate. The social movement that’s quickly gained momentum in the […]

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Tai Chi for Seniors

If a gentler form of exercise that helps improve strength, balance, and flexibility without leaving you drenched in sweat sounds appealing, then Tai Chi might be just the thing for you. Described as “meditation in motion,” Tai chi is a slow-motion, low-impact form of exercise, modified from an ancient Chinese martial art, that combines deliberate […]

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