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These Are the Simple Steps I Took When I Started My Nutrition Journey.

Real food, real nutrition.

I wasn’t always a nutritionist, I didn’t always have the knowledge I do now. There was a time I gave very little thought about what was supposed to be my body’s fuel (aka food). Fast food breakfast, microwave lunch, “who knows what that is” for dinner. Then at some point I started paying attention to […]

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1st Retro-Fit Bam Jam

We are holding the first ever Retro-Fit Bam Jam! Get moving with your community at this outdoor fitness class designed specially for senior folks. The Retro-Fit Bam Jam is taking place at the High Desert Farmers Market, located on the lower campus of Victor Valley College. If you’re familiar at all with the Farmers Market, […]

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Prepare to Win: Winning Fitness, Part 2

  Check it out Skippy, and I’m not talkin’ peanut butter. When you’re not fit, you’re accepting defeat in your life.  You can never reach your winning potential without fitness.  All the research and testimonies of transformation tell us this is true and cannot be argued.  We have got to start choosing tabatas over ciabattas, […]

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