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These Are the Simple Steps I Took When I Started My Nutrition Journey.

Real food, real nutrition.

I wasn’t always a nutritionist, I didn’t always have the knowledge I do now. There was a time I gave very little thought about what was supposed to be my body’s fuel (aka food). Fast food breakfast, microwave lunch, “who knows what that is” for dinner. Then at some point I started paying attention to […]

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Winning Fitness: The “I” in Me


There is an “I” in me if you’ll just look for it. It’s like one of those pictures that you have to focus on to see the image hidden inside or one of those Where’s Waldo things where you try to find that Waldo character in the midst of his surroundings. In the midst of […]

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I’m Living For The Future…Now

Living for the future

Fitness is good for you. Most people today wouldn’t argue with that simple fact, yet the majority of people are not doing anything to be fit. If you are working out you’ve probably thought, ” why do I find it so hard to stick with this sometimes?” The question is: What motivates you, why are you lifting, […]

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