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6 Keys For Long-term Fitness Success

  Fitness shouldn’t be something you do only when you want to drop those 10 extra pounds or prepare for a charity road race. To be successful, it has to be thoroughly integrated into your lifestyle; it should be something you do as routinely as eating, sleeping, and taking your morning shower. Unfortunately, that can […]

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You Can’t Change What You Don’t Acknowledge

Little girl covering her eyes

  When my kids were small, I looked forward  to my one hour a day with Dr. Phil. No, I didn’t spent time with him personally but I tuned in to his daily TV show. You remember him don’t you? Southern drawl, pop psychology phrases, and a quick “let’s wrap the problem up in one […]

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I’m Living For The Future…Now

Living for the future

Fitness is good for you. Most people today wouldn’t argue with that simple fact, yet the majority of people are not doing anything to be fit. If you are working out you’ve probably thought, ” why do I find it so hard to stick with this sometimes?” The question is: What motivates you, why are you lifting, […]

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