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Health is not a destination. It’s a balancing act.

HVVMG Health Vs Wellness

  In this time of year, where resolutions frequently get broken before we even say goodbye to January, it’s worth looking deeper to gain insight into what most of us want when we make resolutions:

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What You Need To Know To Actually Give Up Sugar

All About The Sugar

There is one substance that causes weight gain, accelerates aging, causes wrinkles and skin rashes, leads to diabetes, creates belly bloat, is linked to cancer, weakens your immune system, feeds yeast overgrowth and much more…

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6 Pros & Cons of 2017 Fitness Trends

2017 Fitness trends

Wearable Technology Whether they’re fitness trackers, pedometers, or calorie counters, this market is scheduled to reach $4 billion in sales in 2017. However, there is a downside to these items. One study showed that non-wearers experienced more weight-loss because they relied on personal effort and, literally, sweat, to guide their workouts vs. a numerical data […]

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