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A New Brain Scan Will Help Us Learn More About How Alzheimer’s, Dementia, And Brain Tumors Work

Though we have found many ways to manipulate or explore people’s brains, from using a mini 3D camera for surgery to inserting a chip that allows people to control a computer with their thoughts, we are still a long way away from unlocking every secret that the brain contains.

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Forget The Antioxidant Pills, Just Stick With Veggies

Based on commercials for nutritional supplements, or even a trip down the supermarket aisle, you might get the impression that your food just isn’t nutritious enough. Why just stick to eating fruits and veggies when you can get an extra boost from supplements that put good things like antioxidants into a handy pill?

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I Was Diagnosed With Osteoporosis At 30. Here’s How I Reversed It

During my 20s, my diet consisted of fat-free muffins for breakfast, salads for lunch, and low-fat steamed Chinese food for dinner. I thought these meals were keeping me on the healthy track. Little did I know that what they werereally doing was robbing me of my health — and ruining my bones.

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